Rolex Oyster Perpetual Logs pearl ladies watches

Whether it is replica watches as a decoration or life needs, mechanical watches have gradually become more and more new era of women's darling. swiss replica watches in the fifties of last century has been far-sighted to introduce the famous Rolex women's log-type mechanical watches. As the 1957 Rolex first calendar ladies precision timepieces, it will be elegant temperament and unique features given to women, gestures between women filled with gentle and noble temperament. At the same time, this also for Rolex in the field of mechanical development of women's mechanical development opened a good start. \ In 1992, Rolex launched with precious materials and gorgeous diamonds to build the Oyster-style constant moving women's pearl ladies watches, precision and gorgeous addition of solid and accurate, less some of the women's watches artificial. Log-style watches as Rolex one of the most classic style, the same to bring Ms. Rolex mechanical watch classic and unique features. \ In 2014 Rolex thick plot, the grand launch of Oyster Perpetual Log pearl ladies type 34 gem watches. With 18ct gold, white gold and eternal rose gold and other precious metal material, reflecting the different noble temperament. Dial on the set of diamonds, bezel set with a square cut sapphire, shining. Time standard in particular the use of elegant Roman digital inlay, more than a noble sense of respect. Oyster-style constant-flow log pearl ladies type 34 gem watch with 18 ct gold, white gold and eternal rose strap chain, beautiful lines charming, part of the watch diamonds in two rows of rows made of 18 ct white gold, There are top diamonds, glowing bright light. \